Business Process Outsourcing

UPLevel delivers a unique combination of services to large and small credit unions across Canada to support every stage of the Member experience.

UPLevel forms an integral extension of your team. While you grow your core business, trusted and measurable back office support is available for any area of your business requiring additional resources including:

UPLevel is Agile and Responsive

“The team at UPLevel is agile and responsive to all of our back office support needs and is truly a partner that we can rely on.”

– agricultural credit corporation

Due Diligence Searches

UPLevel provides one gateway to a complete suite of solutions on a common platform for significant decisioning information. The benefits are limitless with one platform for due diligence strategies such as:

  • Conducting searches on PPSA, Real Property, Corporate, Bankruptcy
  • Updating banking and supplier references
  • One database for adjudication across multiple locations
  • Paperless auditing abilities and storage
  • Gathering, sharing and storing personal/commercial credit information

UPLevel customizes the elements of due diligence required based on the balance and type of account with nationwide web access to all government databases including:

  • Credit Reports
  • Land Title Searches
  • Corporate Searches
  • PPSA Search & Registration
  • Bank of Canada
  • Searches
  • Address Verification
  • Insolvency Searches
  • Asset Confirmation

UPLevel provides nationwide access to provincial and national search databases.

Credit investigations and due diligence research are provided through the Credit Bureau and as part of the Equifax network, reducing your risk and giving you confidence in your decisions. Request a Conversation

UPLevel is Proactive in Meeting Needs

“I can confirm the high caliber of your trade credit reports and the accuracy and efficiency of your PPSA registrations and search systems which are second to none. Furthermore, this has made our credit assessment much more effective which is reflected in our extremely low delinquency rates.”

– agricultural credit corporation

Key Employment Pre-Screening

Your key employees will have access to your sensitive member information, intellectual property and financial resources, making employee pre-screening an important step in the hiring process.

Key Employment Pre-Screening services include:

  • Criminal reference checks
  • Credit file reviews
  • Personal reference validation
  • Resume verifications
  • Pre-employment surveys & online profiling tools

Be confident in your hiring decisions with sound research and verified candidate information.

Personal Property Security Services

UPLevel was the first service provider in Canada to offer fully harmonized, national access to registration and searches under the provincial Personal Property Security Acts. UPLevel supports both on line access and B2B system integration with many host banking and loan origination systems.

  • Industry leader for nearly 5 decades
  • Proudly providing national PPSA registration and search solutions to clients of all sizes across all industries
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable support team & after-hours support
  • Twice nominated as one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures
  • Corporate, property, insolvency, writ, and other searches also available through our centralized web platform

UPLevel’s Business-to-Business (B2B) interface offers clients the ability to electronically integrate with provincial registries and provides a fully unified interface for interacting with provincial registries nationwide.

We manage all provincial deposits and provide easy audit and invoicing capabilities. One-click renewals and reminders ensure ease of use and compliance.


UPLevel’s Standard for Service Excellence is Outstanding

“Very easy to use and easy for staff who haven’t been in lending for long.”

– coast capital savings

Contact Centres

UPLevel is focused on creating the best experience for Business Process Outsourcing projects ranging from contact management, payment processing, credit card activation, member satisfaction surveys, help desk, support for marketing campaigns and much more. Our proven processes will augment your existing call centre solutions or create a remote contact centre to act as an extension of your team. Our commitment to culture sets us apart from other providers. Learn more here.

Secured Insurance Product Confirmation

UPLevel can provide a customized solution to meet your secured product insurance confirmation needs. Available services include:

  • Receiving and documenting new policies, renewals, cancellations and reinstatements.
  • Provide member and insurance broker outreach and follow-up as required.

Member Experience Survey Program

Creating a positive member experience is crucial to the success of any credit union. Our customized survey programs deliver actionable insights to help you drive growth strategies, better understand the needs of your members, and identify strengths and opportunities. 

How can UPLevel’s Member Experience Survey Program help you?

  • Drive growth strategies and decisions based on the needs and desires of your member base;
  • Help you discover and understand relevant member insights;
  • Identify member experience trends at each branch;
  • Support branch managers in understanding how they rank in comparison to other locations.
  • Third party reviews build trust and interest for new members.

Our Member Experience Survey Program features a collaborative approach to the design, delivery and analysis of survey results.  Each survey is fully customizable in both length and content to ensure a perfect match with your brand and objectives.

Surveys can be delivered to your members using any or all of the following methods:

  • Telephone contact to main and secondary contact numbers;
  • Email contact with invitation to discuss survey details by return call or web link;
  • SMS/Text contact with invitation to discuss survey details by return call or web link.

We provide both a summary and detailed analysis of your survey results. Subsequent surveys can be scheduled to align with specific business milestones, such as annual membership anniversaries. We will work with you to determine the best strategy based on your current processes and growth plans.

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is crucial to your success.  UPLevel’s unique, proven approach to member service ensures relationships are built at every touchpoint, creating loyal, long-term bonds.

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